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The Thomas Gaiter Foundation is Improving Lives in the USA and Across the Borders

A quality education is the bedrock of any society, and “a healthy nation is a wealthy nation." Without these two, education and health, it will be difficult to have a productive society.

In an attempt to contribute its quota to the wellbeing and education of mankind, the Thomas Gaiter Foundation is dedicated to providing assistance and support to financially challenged students to acquire a quality education. Furthermore, the foundation extends its support to communities to help them improve the quality of health.

The Thomas Gaiter Foundation wants the people who have been affected by their efforts to notice real improvement in their lives. They believe that their effort will go a long way to impact the lives of many people in not just the United States alone, but also across different countries.

The program of the Thomas Gaiter Foundation is based on the key areas where they recognize the most need, and rely on active participation from partners and supporters. They have programs that cut across the Washington DC, Florida, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Virginia, and international countries such as Haiti, Nigeria, Philippines, Vietnam, and Mexico.

The Thomas Gaiter Foundation programs also include providing school supplies, food, clothing, support to the deaf, scholarships, safe water, disaster relief, support to the blind, medical mission, and assistance to the elderly.

Among many other helps, the Thomas Gaiter Foundation provides scholarship to financially challenged students in the College of Medicine and the College of Nursing at Howard University in Washington DC. The Foundation has also touch the lives of Imo State students in Nigeria by providing school supplies. These are some of the examples of the many works the Thomas Gaiter Foundation has done in the United States and beyond.

The Thomas Gaiter Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization based in Washington DC, USA and it is on a mission to giving back to the community by providing quality education and healthcare. The Foundation was founded by Thomas E. Gaiter.

To learn more about the Thomas Gaiter Foundation or Donate, visit their website on

 Dr. Gaiter believes in giving back to the community that gave so much to him by creating the Thomas Gaiter Foundation.

Dr. Gaiter
Washington DC
(202) 580-6526

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