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Thomas Gaiter Foundation Scholarship Program
Every gift offers talented and inspired students the ability to engage in essential programs.
Your contribution is truly significant so they may earn a degree of their choice and become contributing members of society.
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, South Dakota


(Thank you!)

"Thank you for the Thomas Gaiter Foundation Scholarship. Thank you for investing and supporting me in my future, as I am in my last year of college. I will be graduating in spring 2021 with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and American Indian Studies. I truly appreciate it."

Akke, philamayaye!

(Again, thank you!)

- K Janis   2020

" Thank you very much for helping with my academic endeavors this school year. Some of the financial burden has been lifted off my shoulders, I am excited to continue with my Graphic Design Major and Psychology Minor. I am hoping when I graduate, I will be able to go back to the reservation and help my community by using Art therapy."   L. No Braid   2019


" I would like to thank you for the scholarship I received through Black Hills State University. I am a Music Major from the Oglala Community on the Pine Ridge Reservation. This funds will help me get closer to my goal of graduating in the fall of 2019. Respectfully, D. One Feather   2018


" I would like to thank the Thomas Gaiter Foundation for the generous contribution to my education. I'm from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, so, as a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, I feel a responsibility and obligation to my ancestors and to my people to use my education to better the community."

C. Standing Bear   2017


"The Thomas Gaiter Foundation Scholarship has helped me get closer to my goal of becoming a teacher to help future generations in my community at the Reservation. Once again, thank you so much for your generous support. Sincerely, - E. Concha    2016


"I  would like to thank you for helping me pursue my education with a scholarship you have awarded me. I will use the funds to purchase my books and supplies which were needed and greatly appreciated."​

- B.G. Two Bulls    2015


Howard University
Washington, DC

Thomas Gaiter Foundation provides scholarships  to financially challenged students in the College of Medicine and the College of Nursing at Howard University.


Meharry Medical College
Nashville, Tennessee

Thomas Gaiter Foundation provides scholarships to students who are financially challenged in the College of Medicine at Meharry Medical College.


Tennessee State University
 Nashville, Tennessee

"Thank you for choosing me to be a recipient of the Gaiter Scholarship, it is an honor. I am officially a junior who's seeking a degree in Computer Science field. After I gain my Master's Degree, I plan to help TSU students every year by donating a $1,200 - $ 2,000 scholarship. I would like to thank you all again for your support."    C. Scott   2019

" I am very grateful for the opportunity to be receiving the Gaiter Scholarship. I am a current sophomore, an Elementary Education major and I would like to add a minor in Mathematics. Teaching has always been a dream of mine because educators have one of the biggest impacts on any child's life. I plan to give back to TSU students once I graduate and I want to be able to help children in the time of need like I was helped."   J. Mcdonald    2019


" I am honored to be the chosen recipient of the Thomas Gaiter Foundation Scholarship. I was very happy to learn that I was selected and I am deeply appreciative of the support. I would love to donate back to my school to help someone just like me."   R. Green   2018


" I would like to express my utmost gratitude for receiving this scholarship. I am planning to graduate from TSU and go to medical school to become an emergency physician. I would like to start speech and debate programs in inner city schools. I do plan on giving back to TSU. "   T. Gibson   2018   


" This scholarship encourages me to keep studying hard and continue to have a good standing at TSU. Being an out of state student, I appreciate this generous gift which is very much needed."   L. Tyler   2017


" My lifelong dream of attending a business school is moving forward, thanks to generous educational scholarship like yours. Since being named one of the recipients of the Thomas Gaiter Foundation Scholarship, my dream is becoming a reality at Tennessee State University. Thank you personally for your generosity, without scholarship patrons willing to support business education, students such as myself would be unable to pursue advanced business degrees."

T. Ginyard Jr.    -  2016

"After completing countless applications, I am beyond grateful to have your scholarship fund award me this reward. Along with this, I truly am thankful that you are helping me invest in furthering my education at Tennessee State University."   N. Bradley   2017


" Receiving this scholarship will benefit my academic endeavors by easing some of my financial burden. As I am a twin, I am dealing with double the financial strain of the average college student. I strive to validate my mom's sacrifice to send both me and my sister to college by working to my full potential here at Tennessee State University."   -   B. Williams    -  2016 

In looking at the requirements for this scholarship, I was taken by the requirement that indicated the recipient have a strong desire to serve others. Coming from a Lutheran background, serving others is one of the gifts that we strive to attain."     G. Johnson   -  2016

" Receiving this scholarship will benefit my academic endeavors by easing some of my financial burden. As I am a twin, I am dealing with double the financial strain of the average college student. I strive to validate my mom's sacrifice to send both me and my sister to college by working to my full potential here at Tennessee State University."   -   B. Williams    -  2016 

"I would like to express my sincere and deep appreciation for the privilege of receiving The Gaiter Scholar scholarship. It is truly an honor to receive this academic praise. To be chosen to receive this scholarship is a humbling and gratifying experience."   -   C. G.   -  2015

"I have worked hard throughout my time at Tennessee State University and I look forward to continue to strive for excellence. I am honored and blessed to be the recipient of this scholarship."   -   D. Brown   -   2014

"By receiving this scholarship, it helped boost my confidence in applying for more scholarships and believing that every scholarship counts no matter how much it is worth."   -    J. Webb   -    2014

University of Santo Tomas
Manila, Philippines

"First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for the great opportunity that you have given to me. This scholarship will be treasured for the rest of my life."    Ivy   2018

“Thank you so much for taking time to consider my request. Your willingness to help motivates me more to achieve my goals. I’ll never let you down.”  Ean   2017

"I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity that you have given to me. My family and I wanted to send our deepest thank you to all of you. I will promise that I will do my very best to be a nurse that you would be proud of. I hope that you will help a lot of people in the future and if our Almighty God allows me, I will do the same thing."

B. Caburian - 2016

Western Dakota Technical Institute
Rapid City, South Dakota

A. Browm Bull       - Spring 2018                C. Weston        - Spring 2017           

“I appreciate receiving scholarships to attend college. Without them, I would not be able to afford it on my own, thank you”.   - Melanie    

 “This scholarship has helped me buy supplies for my studies. Thank you for all your support and helping students”.  - Sean   

" I'm very thankful for the opportunity to win a scholarship because it means I will need to borrow less in student loans. It allows me to concentrate more on classwork and studying."   - Paul   

"From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you!!! I just called my daughter and informed her of the great news about the scholarship fund for WDT. She cried, we both cried together, good tears for once."  - D. M.  2016

2023-03-13 L 1.png
Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Calamba, Laguna

"I am writing this letter to extend my warmest gratitude for providing the scholarship program
sponsored by Thomas Gaiter Foundation for my son Jan Whils D. Macatangay, Second Year BS
Nursing student whom you supported during the entire Academic Year. We really appreciate
your effort for assisting us during these trying times and we are truly blessed to have this.
great financial support for our son."   S. Macatangay    2022

" I just want to express my gratitude to the Thomas Gaiter Foundation for giving me this blessing. Words cannot express how happy I am with receiving the good news for the scholarship. I promise to work hard in my endeavors to repay your trust in me".   J. Macatangay   2021

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