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Welcome to Vietnam

Delving into Vietnam's cultural roots, the Thomas Gaiter Foundation discovered many children and senior citizens in need. Thomas Gaiter Foundation Director, in Vietnam, Luu Van Hieng, set out to achieve our mission of educational and medical advancements.
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Thomas Gaiter Foundation provided food and supplies to the elderly and to the families who are in need.


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 We visited the Disability Center in Ho Chi Minh City and provided milk and food to the disadvantaged.


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 While visiting a senior citizen living center, the Thomas Gaiter Foundation conducted medical examinations and informed the elderly of minor medical cases.
Although there was a prominent language barrier, their smiling eyes were enough to communicate their appreciation.


Together with Hieng, the Thomas Gaiter Foundation purchased 1,200 notebooks, 120 book bags and distributed supplies and necessities to several impoverished children.

The notebooks and book bags go towards the children's academic goals, while the food builds a foundation for medical and overall health and wellness.
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