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North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina
Tornadoes often strike with little to no warning, making evacuations difficult.
Following tornadoes, the most requested items from Direct Relief’s inventory are emergency medical backpacks, over-the-counter products, and personal protective equipment.
Evacuees or displaced residents without the medicine they need to manage a condition like diabetes, hypertension, or high blood pressure can rapidly find themselves in a medical crisis, making it critical to ensure chronic disease medications are available.
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"Thomas Gaiter Foundation, we think you’re amazing. You’ve shown you care not just about the people within your community, but about people you may never meet. It takes a special person to proactively start doing something. And you’ve done that. Thank you.

Your support powers our mission to help families rebuild their lives in the wake of a disaster; train communities in first aid and CPR; provide pediatric cancer patients with lifesaving blood; work with our nation’s military families; and much more."
-American Red Cross
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