Education Is The Key To Their Future

Despite being Africa's most populous country, much of Nigeria remains stricken by poverty. As a result, education and literacy rates have faltered.

The Thomas Gaiter Foundation wants to give the people of Nigeria, especially the children, basic necessities so that children can make education a priority. 

Historically, females have been forced by society to remain in the home for childbearing and taking care of the family, but the Thomas Gaiter Foundation encourages girls to get a quality education.

In school, girls alongside boys will be able to learn how to read, write, and to explore her own knowledge and intelligence to help the future of her family, Nigeria, and the world.

Girls will grow to be strong women who conquer their dreams of being doctors, lawyers, engineers, or anything that she wants to be.

Thomas Gaiter Foundation supports women and girls through encouragement and financial aid for both tuition and school supplies.

Many of the schools in Nigeria remain dilapidated and shattered by the rampant poverty that spreads throughout the country.

Consequently, schools, such as this one, have no electricity, plumbing, or furniture for the students. Instead, students bring their own chairs to and from school every day. These children work hard every day amongst financial hardship, dire family circumstances, and a deteriorating environment.

Thomas Gaiter Foundation is combating these issues with funds and enrichment to improve living conditions to provide a more valuable and profitable educational experience.

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