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Rolling Fork, Mississippi
Residents in the tornado's path have been left without shelter, food and necessities. Affected areas include central and southern Mississippi.
2023-03-26 115240MS5.jpg
2023-03-26 115552MS8.jpg
2023-03-26 115334MS6.jpg
2023-03-26 115427MS7.jpg
"Thomas Gaiter Foundation, we think you’re amazing. You’ve shown you care not just about the people within your community, but about people you may never meet. It takes a special person to proactively start doing something. And you’ve done that. Thank you.

Your support powers our mission to help families rebuild their lives in the wake of a disaster; train communities in first aid and CPR; provide pediatric cancer patients with lifesaving blood; work with our nation’s military families; and much more."
-American Red Cross
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