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Lending A Hand To Our Neighbors
With a rich Aztec and Mayan influence that remains important today, Mexico retains much cultural diversity but still experiences much poverty and financial concern.
In Yucatan, many small rural towns off the side of main highways have insufficient living conditions and societies.
Thomas Gaiter Foundation Director, in Mexico, Sammy Dzib, who grew up in a rural area, worked with Mexican communities, many of which maintain indigenous influences.
Much of rural Mexico still lives in poverty, especially on the Yucatan Peninsula where the capital of the Mayan civilization resided.

Many of the citizens have no electricity and cook, instead, on wood burning fires to make meals. Dirt floors and thatched roofing also remains the norm for housing situations.

Thomas Gaiter Foundation selected and distributed clothing to young children living in those areas to serve their basic needs and to  give them hope and a smile.
We were able to visit Mexico ourselves to see the vibrant Mayan culture and laughing children despite the low-income area.

While in Yucatan, we met our Director, Sammy Dzib, who shares the same mission of the Thomas Gaiter Foundation.

In addition to clothing, Dzib helped distribute donations to families, the elderly, and the blind.

TGF was able to help one of our closest global neighbors while Dzib was able to give back to the community.
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