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Haiti - Medical Mission 
In a country where many do not have the money to pay for health care or doctors, Thomas Gaiter Foundation in partnership with Mission Possible knew it was our mission to help the people of Haiti to ensure the promotion of good health around the world.
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Haiti - Hurricane Disaster Relief
After Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti in late 2016, much of the nation was left in ruin.
Floods took over the nation's streets, while wind and rain shattered houses, schools, churches, and buildings.
With a casualty count upwards of 800, we knew that we must help the people of Haiti who had lost families, homes, and hope.


Starting with the necessities, we distributed food and water directly to victims of the natural disaster.
Eager crowds flocked to our volunteers, gratefully accepting our aid with hopes to quell their suffering.
Descending into some of the cities that were hit hardest, the citizens' gratitude was immediate and heart warming.
After necessities such as food and water, basic health care followed. Volunteers held consultations to keep victims more informed of potential dangers post Hurricane Matthew.

The medical examinations allowed volunteers to treat minor illnesses and send patients to hospitals for more severe diseases and conditions.

From young children to senior citizens, these medical examinations gave victims the knowledge and hope to alleviate their suffering after such a disastrous hurricane.
We would like to relay a special thanks to our partners, Mission Possible and Priere Sans Frontieres, for helping us to go directly into the heart of Haiti to deliver supplies and conduct medical examinations and consultations.
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